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June 21, 2019

What Are The Benefits of Yoga? And Best Time To Do Yoga Practice

Yoga is usually understood as being limited to asanas or poses, and the advantages of yoga are associated with only physical well-being. However, yoga is also known for helping people manage stress and has many health benefits.

May 3, 2017

समयपूर्व उम्र बढ़ने/जल्दी बूढ़ा होने के कारण

आगे पढ़ें और सुनिश्चित करें कि आप इन से कोई गलती नहीं करेंगे जिससे आपकी युवा ऊर्जा बरकरार रहेगी । जल्दी बूढ़ा होने के कारण या भारत में समय से पहले बूढ़ा होने के कारण ।

March 18, 2020

Tips For Healthy Liver: Make Your Liver Live Longer

The liver is the largest solid organ that can regenerate and repair itself. However, there is only one liver and it must be taken care of well before I gets damaged.

April 27, 2019
premature aging

Reasons For Premature Aging/Early Aging in India

Read further and make sure that you will not make any mistake from these so that your youth energy will remain intact. reasons for early aging or reasons for premature aging in India.

April 17, 2020

11 Home Remedies for Acidity and Heartburn | Acidity Treatment

Acidity is a condition that occurs when the gastric glands of the stomach begin to secrete an excessive amount of acids.

December 19, 2020
Superfoods That Will Instantly Boost Your Metabolism

Superfoods That Will Instantly Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism is the term used to describe all the chemical reactions taking place in the body. It is the process by which the food is being broken down and converted into energy.

October 5, 2019

बैक्टीरियल इन्फेक्शन से होते हैं ये खतरनाक जीवाणु रोग | लक्षण, उपचार और प्रकार

बैक्टीरिया सूक्ष्म जीवित चीजें हैं जिनकी केवल एक कोशिका होती है। इसमें सहायक और हानिकारक बैक्टीरिया दोनों होते हैं। कुछ बैक्टीरिया संक्रमण और बीमारियों के कारण कोशिकाओं को नष्ट कर देते हैं, जबकि अन्य पाचन क्रिया की गतिविधिओ मे मदद करते हैं और शरीर को आवश्यक विटामिन प्रदान करते हैं।

July 22, 2021
Interstitial Lung Disease

Causes, Risk Factors, Signs And Symptoms of Interstitial Lung Disease

ILD or Interstitial lung disease is a term that describes a large group of respiratory disorders. It is also known as diffuse parenchymal lung disease (DPLD). Most of these disorders cause progressive scarring (fibrosis) or inflammation of the interstitium. Interstitium is the tissue and surrounding space around the alveoli (air sacs) of the lungs. When there is scarring of the interstitium, it causes stiffness of the lungs, and the air sacs cannot expand fully. This affects the ability to breathe, and as a result, less oxygen enters the bloodstream.

February 8, 2021

Symptoms, Stages, Causes, Risk factors And Complications of Frostbite

Frostbite is an injury caused by the coldness of the skin and underlying tissues. It occurs when the skin is exposed to extreme cold. The skin and tissues underneath the skin freeze. Firstly the skin very cold then red, pale and numb. The severe cases of frostbite can lead to the freezing of muscles, nerves, and blood vessels.

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