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May 27, 2020
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Taking Care of Diabetes Patients In Lockdown

Diabetes is a persistent metabolic disorder. Every diabetic patient has to keep their blood sugar level, blood pressure, and body weight under control to prevent its long term consequences.

During situations like lockdown or quarantine where there are no outdoor activities allowed, individuals must take care of themselves by being innovative. Changes in the daily routine, behavioral changes, stress, lack of physical activity, or changes in eating habits maybe some of the reasons for abnormal blood sugar levels. Above all, inadequate sleep may play a major role in the worsening of blood glucose and blood pressure level.

Here are a few things a diabetic patient can do to keep their diabetes in control:

1. Try to maintain a healthy routine and add adequate physical activity to it. Make sure to carry on with the ongoing diabetes treatment.

2. A balanced, healthy and controlled diet is very important. Watch what is being eaten and keep a regular check on the diabetes level.

3. Ensure to have all required medications such as insulin syringes, injection needles or insulin vials so that no dose is skipped. If an individual requires the glucometer for glucose monitoring, then also it is important to keep the strips, batteries, etc.

4. Maintain eating habits as it was prior to lockdown and pay attention to the quality and quantity of every meal. There may be a limit of choices in the food variety and binge eating may be easier at home. Try to avoid those things in order to stay healthy.

5. Avoid in-between unhealthy meals snacking. Keep an eye on the amount and type of snacks being eaten. Try to consume low-calorie liquids like buttermilk, black tea /coffee or lemon tea instead of unhealthy snacks.

Note: Always check with your physician what you can and cannot eat as per your health.

6. Always keep an eye on the body weight and maintain the weight. Obesity or overweight is a complication of diabetes. To control blood glucose levels in the body, an individual should maintain a healthy weight.

7. Physical activity is key to stay fit and healthy. Some activities that people can opt for is walking, gardening, dancing, aerobics, etc. which can be easily done by staying home. Those who have space at their home can perform spot walking and jogging, or floor exercise or yoga. People should try to avoid sitting for a long time and have a walk-in between regular time intervals. This may also help to burn calories.

8. Ensure adequate intake of water. Keeping the body hydrated is a golden rule towards a healthy life. It helps fight off many life-threatening diseases.

9. Adequate and peaceful sleep is also very essential to remain rejuvenated and refreshed the next day. A person may feel lethargic if they do not get a good amount of sleep. Good sleep is key to a healthy and active morning.

10. Try to overcome and address stress and anxiety with positive talk and discussions within family members. Playing indoor games with kids or spending quality time with the elderly is also a great way to avoid stress. This may help to keep a positive and healthy state of mind and build a good bond amongst the family.

11. The lockdown period may have given opportunities to try something new which was not possible during a busy routine. It may be a weight management program, learning and strengthening exercise schedule, learning some healthy recipe or trying a new diabetes recipe. This time can be utilized to try or learn something new which can be beneficial to a diabetic person’s health.

12. Ensure regular check-up of blood sugar level and try to keep it within the controlled levels. Whenever in doubt regarding the glucose level and other parameters, increase the frequency of check-ups to ensure better control and act accordingly.

For this, people are not needed to step out of the house and go to a diagnostic center. The House of Diagnostic is just a call away. Our organization provides home collection for your safety and comfort with the utmost safety precautions. All you need to do is stay home and call HOD for home collection.

Lockdown is a sudden unchanging situation where people cannot go outside and imparts a lot of psychological implications. But unnecessary worry leads to stress and negativity. Try to find enjoyment within what is available within the space. Utilize this tough time to prioritize your health and stay positive.



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Taking Care of Diabetes Patients In Lockdown | Corona Tips
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Taking Care of Diabetes Patients In Lockdown | Corona Tips
However, people with diabetes need to take special care of their health during coronavirus pandemic- coronavirus (COVID-19). : Tips for diabetics during the lockdown
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