Pregnancy and Neonatal Care in Lockdown | Corona Tips
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Pregnancy and Neonatal Care in Lockdown | Corona Tips

Pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood are some of the best experiences in a woman’s life. These are crucial periods for women and the utmost care is required. But how should we take care of a pregnant woman or a woman who has given birth or in the initial stages of motherhood during these hard times of Covid-19?

The Expectant Mother and COVID-19

If an expectant woman is asymptomatic and uninfected, the first and important thing she can do to stay safe is to avoid any unnecessary visits to the hospital/doctor. A pregnant woman is more prone to infection. Therefore, it is best for her to avoid places where she is likely to be with others. However, there are specific routine check-ups that are unavoidable. Every pregnant woman undergoes some medical procedures like blood tests, ultrasound, screenings, and many more, which cannot be ignored. While going for those routine check-ups, a lady should ensure her safety. For example, wearing a mask, social distancing, hand hygiene, etc.

The following tips are mentioned below to help expectant mothers to stay safe:

Stay Indoors

Stay indoors as much as possible. This is the best thing one can do at present. Step out of the house only in the circumstances of any emergency or pregnancy-related requirements. Pregnant ladies can utilize telephonic consultation when they can. Limit the number of people who come home, including maids and homecare staff.

Hands Hygiene

Hands come in contact with various germs daily. It is, therefore, important to maintain hand hygiene. Wash hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds using soap and water. Use an alcohol-based hand rub to sanitize hands.

Respiratory Hygiene Etiquette

Maintain good respiratory hygiene by covering the nose with bend elbow, handkerchief, stole, or tissue while coughing or sneezing.


Avoid unnecessary touching face, eyes, nose, and mouth with hands.

Physical Distance

Maintain a distance of at least one meter with the next person, whether at home or outside. This will reduce the risk of spreading germs and infections. If anyone is standing close, gently ask them to maintain the gap in between.

Make a Regular Routine of Daily Activities

Make a fixed daily routine such that it becomes the new normal schedule. Avoid adhering to the news channels all the time. Rediscover some hobbies or acquire a new skill. Reading books on motherhood will also provide new ideas to take care of the mother and connect with the baby.

Relaxation and Mindfulness Will Help

Scientifically, mediation and yoga may help with calmness. Pregnant women should attempt in the morning. Medication and yoga improve brain blood flow and reduces oxidative stress.

A Healthy Diet and Sleep Hygiene

A healthy & well-balanced diet and being physically active should be the aim of every individual. Pregnant women should eat a balanced diet with all the nutrition-rich food. Pregnancy is a delicate time where a woman has to take care of two lives at once, therefore, diet plays a key role in pregnancy. Get some immunity boosters food in a regular time interval.

Pay some attention to the sleep pattern. Peaceful sleep is very important in these days. Anxiety, stress, confusion, and depression are some common issues a woman can experience in pregnancy. On top of that, COVID-19 pandemic is one of the reasons for these signs. No need to worry and take the stress. A woman should stay calm and need to flush out every possible negativity from her mind. Unwanted stress and anxiety can trigger the immune system.

Newborn Care

Soon after the delivery of the baby, much care is needed from the mother as well as other family members to prevent the newborn from getting infected. The key preventive measures are as follows:

  • Infants should be breastfed the standard way while seeking necessary precautions based on infection prevention and control.

  • Maintenance of respiratory hygiene while feeding is equally important. Use a face mask while near/being with the newborn. Wash hands thoroughly before and after breastfeeding or any other contact with the neonatal.

  • Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces that the mother has been in contact with.

Pregnancy is a crucial time when a woman needs an extreme level of care. Covid-19, the disease against which the entire world is fighting a battle and taking the utmost safety measures are highly important to prevent the infection.

Stay home

Stay safe

Stay calm


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Pregnancy and Neonatal Care in Lockdown | Corona Tips
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Pregnancy and Neonatal Care in Lockdown | Corona Tips
Read tips to care neonatal or newborn baby and pregnant ladies in this pandemic (coronavirus and lockdown) so know all about pregnancy & neonatal care at the time of COVID 19.
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