Enjoy These Loving Activities Staying Home | Indoor Activities
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March 19, 2020
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March 26, 2020

Enjoy These Fun Loving Activities Staying Home

Indoor Activities

This year, COVID-19, has crashed down on us like a tsunami. It is a difficult time for everyone. For safety purpose, schools and colleges are closed, most employees are working from home and others are told to stay at home. Since people are restricted from social gatherings and going outside, a big question that arises is what do I do in my free time? Especially indoors or what indoor activities we can do?

Here are a few options and activities that can be done when you are at home and need more options to think of.

(1) Movie Marathon

In the busy schedule, people forget to give themselves some time for their favorite movies. Take this outbreak as a binge watch session. Watch movies! Nowadays, Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hotstar are trending browsers for films and series. There are numerous movie options available on these applications for both adult and kids. Along with the film, there are series too. Switch to these options and have a great time.

(2) Cooking

Some people are fond of cooking. This is a great time to try new recipes or involve yourself in cooking. Most recipes are available on search engines.

(3) Book Reading for Book Lovers

If you are a book lover, then reading is the best chance for you to catch up on certain books. Thanking technology, e-books options such as kindle are widely accessible if hard copies of books are not available. Reading books may keep the mind fresh and refreshes the mood.

(4) Yoga or Exercise

Yoga or exercise is an excellent opportunity to keep yourself healthy. A 15- 20 minutes of yoga or workout session is a great way to utilize free time. In addition, it will give keep the body healthy and boosts the immune system as well. Many links on YouTube or search engines are available to follow certain routines.

(5) Family Time

We all know that social gathering can be dangerous for us. For working people, it’s a great opportunity for family time. People can enjoy special moments with their children.

(6) Indoor Games

Ludo, carrom, chess or playing cards are some indoor/board games that people can enjoy in the home with their loved ones. Indoor games are the perfect option to enjoy family time.

(7) Talk to Relatives and Friends

We all are busy in our own lives that it is quite challenging to give time to our friends & relatives. In this free time, while staying home, people can talk to their relatives on the phone or video calling. This will make the bond stronger and also keep people happy.

(8) Art and Craft

Art and craft lovers can grab this time for drawings and paintings. Those whose hobbies are art and craft can refresh their mood by utilizing their free time.

(9) Re-arrange Home Decor

People may change the interiors of their home. Sometimes these few changes may enlighten the mood. It may be boring seeing the same decors every time. People can change the decor according to their wishes.

(10) Cleaning the House

This is a great time to clean the house too. Usually during the busy routines, there is not enough time to sort or clean. This is a great opportunity.

(11) Dance and Music

People who love dance and music can fulfill their free time by enjoying their hobbies by listening to music or dancing. The dance sessions can also be shared on social media.

(12) Knitting or Sewing

Women in their busy schedule, don’t get enough time for activities like knitting or sewing. These are some activities women learnt from their grandmothers and mothers. Knitting or sewing can be a good activity to utilize free time while staying home for women.

(13) Nail Art

Again a very refreshing activity for girls and women to pamper themselves. Many women love nail arts. This makes them look beautiful and keeps them enlighten.

(14) Cartoons and Puzzles For Kids

Since schools are closed, children might get bore sitting home all the time. Parents should let them enjoy their favorite cartoon series and some indoor games.

(15) Evening Snacks and Tea With the Family

Enjoying evening snacks and tea with some gossips with the family will always enlighten and refreshes the mood.

(16) Take Preventive Measures

Even though people are staying at home, they should take all the precautionary measures to stay safe. Stay updated about the COVID-19. Keep you and your loved ones safe. Keep washing your hands regularly and sanitize yourself.



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Enjoy These  Fun Loving Activities Staying Home | Indoor Activities
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Enjoy These Fun Loving Activities Staying Home | Indoor Activities
Coronavirus (COVID-19), has crashed down on us like a tsunami. Read few indoor activities that can be done when you are at home and need more options to think of.
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