Exam Stress: Health Tips That Students Should Follow During Exam Season
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February 18, 2020
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Exam Tips: Health Tips That Students Should Follow During Exam Season

Exam Stress

Exams coming up? A little stress during exams is not a bad thing, as it motivates you to study and work harder. But sometimes, the stress level is too significant that it can create worries and pressure. Exam stress can affect anyone, including students and their parents. Students might be worried about various things from revision to getting good grades.

It can be scary to talk about stress and anxiety. They may also feel that nobody else is feeling the same way they are.

However, there is a collection of things that students can do to cope up with the upcoming exam stress.

Watch Out Signs of Stress

Stress may have a massive impact on students and make it hard to deal with. These could be possible problems for increased stress:

  • Inadequate sleep
  • Negative thoughts about the future
  • Poor diet
  • Always worrying about exams
  • Headache and feeling unwell
  • Not able to enjoy things


Talk About What’s Going On

Talking about feelings can help in reducing stress and help feel more in control. Sharing thoughts with someone helps in feeling lighter.

Lots of things going in mind? Why not try to:

  • Ask a friend to support
  • Talk to your parents or adults whom you trust
  • Speak to a counsellor
  • Get advice from peers or classmates

Take Breaks and Relax Too

It is important to take breaks and find ways to relax, no matter how much work there is. Taking regular breaks makes it easier to concentrate.

There are lots of things one can do to take a break and relax:

  • Engage yourself in some activities you enjoy
  • Set an alarm for a break every hour
  • Schedule your revision time, i.e. when to start and when to stop

Stay Healthy

It can be tough to stay healthy when there is a lot of work to do. But there are few things that can be done to stay healthy during this stressful time.

  • Eat Healthy – Make sure you are not skipping meals. Avoid unhealthy foods. They can make you ill, which is not good, especially during exams. Eat a proper healthy diet enriched with nutrition.

  • Exercise – Exercise can clear your mind, make you feel calm, and increase your concentration. You could play any sport or opt for dance or yoga.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting an adequate amount of sleep can help you to concentrate more and feel less pressure or stress. It might be tempting to stay awake late at night and keep revising, but sometimes this can cause more stress.

Try to remember the following points when revising in the evening:

  • Set a proper schedule
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Eat early in the evening
  • Give yourself time to relax
  • Do not stay in bed with a phone for too long

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Coping With Pressure

There are ways to cope with pressure, no matter from where the pressure is coming. These are:

  • Be Honest About How You Feel – Talking about things may be helpful and may relive the stress.

  • Be Positive – When someone feels anxious, it is reasonable they start having negative thoughts such as ‘I cannot do this’ or ‘I might fail.’ Try to replace these thinking with positive thoughts.

  • Don’t Compare Yourself With Others – Competing with others can help to stay motivated. However, it may also create a feeling of being behind. Try maintaining a list of the revision which is done to see much you have achieved.

Ten Quick Ways to Help Beat Exam Stress:

  1. Watch a short film, a TV show or listen to some music.
  2. Drink some herbal tea or hot chocolate. It is a well-known fact that hot drinks have a soothing effect on our body. (Avoid too much caffeine)

  3. A shower or a bath can help cope with stress.
  4. Bake or cook something. Just a thought of having something delicious to eat can bring happiness. Try to cook something healthy as well as delicious. The mind cannot be healthy if the body isn’t.

  5. Get a good night sleep.
  6. Work in study groups.
  7. Try being around positive and motivated individuals.
  8. Avoid the exam “post-mortem”
  9. Be flexible. Having a revision schedule is one of the best tools in your weapon for exam success but don’t be too hard on yourself.

  10. Go outside in the evenings.

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Exam Stress: Health Tips That Students Should Follow During Exam Season
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