Cancer Awareness: 10 Popular Truth and Myths About Cancer
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truth and myths about cancer

10 Popular Truth and Myths About Cancer

Myth And Tuth About Cancer

Misconceptions about cancer can cause many concerns about the health. It may hinder proper treatments or their preventions. It is important to be aware about their misunderstandings.

Here are some common cancer misconceptions and myths:

1. Cancer is Contagious

Cancer is not a contagious disease and it does not spread from one person to another. Organ or tissue transplantation is the only situation in which cancer can spread from one person to another. A person who receives an organ/tissue from a donor who had cancer in the past may be a risk of developing transplant-related cancer. However, the risk is very low. Doctors avoid transplants from donors who have a history of cancer.

2. If No One in Your Family Has Had Cancer, You Are Not at the Risk.

If no one in your family has ever suffered from cancer, it does not confirm that you are not at risk of it. Most cancers are caused by genetic changes (harmful mutations) that occur throughout an individual’s lifetime such as result of aging or exposure to various factors such as tobacco, alcohol, radiation, etc.

3. If You Have a Family History of Cancer, You Will Get Cancer.

Cancer is caused by mutations in the genes. A family history of cancer may increase the risk of cancer, but it is not a definite predictor. Only 5-10% of cancers are caused by heredity. The remaining 90% of cancers are caused by mutations that may happen during an individual’s lifetime resulting from harmful factors like radiation, tobacco, etc.

4. Cell Phone Causes Cancer.

Cell phones emit low-frequency energy that does not harm genes. Cancer is a result of genetic mutation.

5. Positive Thinking Cure Cancer.

Being positive may improve the quality of life during cancer treatment. It helps to maintain social connections, physically and emotionally, that can help cope with cancer. However, there is no scientific evidence that it can cure cancer.

6. Cancer Surgery or Biopsy can Cause Cancer to Spread in the Body.

The chance that surgery can cause cancer to spread in the body is extremely low. Surgeons use special standard procedures and protections during surgeries and biopsies.

7. Artificial Sweeteners, Colours, and Food Additives Cause Cancer.

Researchers have found no convincing evidence that proves artificial sweeteners, food colours and additives can cause cancer.

8. Cancer Gets Worse If Exposed to Air.

Exposure to air will not make cancer grow faster or cause it to spread in other body parts.

9. Antiperspirants or Deodorants can Cause Breast Cancer.

Researchers suggest that these products contain harmful compounds that can be absorbed through the skin or can enter the skin. No study indicates that these products can cause cancer. However, these products could increase the risk of cancer.

10. A Lump in the Breast is Always Breast Cancer.

Not every lump formation in the breast region can be cancerous. They can be a cyst or a fibroadenoma.

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Cancer Awareness: 10 Popular Truth and Myths About Cancer
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Cancer Awareness: 10 Popular Truth and Myths About Cancer
Confused about cancer? You're not alone. we are here to help you, a positive attitude to cure cancer? Find out the truth behind this and other common cancer treatment myths.
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