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8 Facts and Myths About Dementia

When we talk about dementia, there are many myths that haze the truth of this disease, creating more questions. By highlighting certain myths, awareness, understanding and indication may help people be attentive about it. By recognizing dementia, a step can be taken in the direction to support and help people suffering from it.

The Following Myths are Explained Below:

Myth 1: Dementia is a normal pattern of aging.

Dementia is more common in the elderly population, but it is not a regular part of aging. A lot of people mature into their 80s – 90s without any signs and symptoms of dementia. Only the rates are increased with aging; not everyone is affected.

Myth 2: People affected with dementia do not know what they are doing.

On the contrary, many of the patients know what they are want or are doing; it is only the inability to communicate. As the disease progresses, communication becomes significantly affected due to changes in their sensory modalities that make it difficult for the loved ones to express clearly.

Myth 3: Only seniors develop dementia.

Dementia is much more common among seniors. However, younger people can develop dementia too. If someone suffers any brain injury, for instance, this could cause dementia irrespective of the age.

Myth 4: Once you’re diagnosed with dementia, there is nothing you can do.

Although there is no cure for dementia, there are a few steps a person can take to stabilize the course of dementia. These include medical treatments, community supports, and life changes. A positive diagnosis of dementia doesn’t mean an individual cannot still live well with the condition.

Myth 5: Alzheimer’s and dementia are the same things.

This is a very common misunderstanding as Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia. An individual may have Alzheimer’s and dementia. Just because a person has dementia does not mean that an individual has Alzheimer’s also. Dementia is a collective term used to describe a set of symptoms that occur when the brain stops functioning properly.

Myth 6: Someone with memory loss must have dementia.

Depression, stroke, infections, various vitamin deficiencies, side effects of some medicines can cause memory problems, which could be confused with dementia. There is also a certain amount of age-related forgetfulness that all experience. Dementia is beyond memory loss, and it affects every domain of personal life.

Myth 7: Dementia isn’t a fatal condition.

Depending on the condition in which a person suffers from and exactly what stage a person is experiencing, dementia can most probably be fatal. In its early stages, individuals are often able to maintain dependency and independency.

Myth 8: All dementia patients progress in the same pattern.

Dementia is unique to every individual suffering from it. There is a specific range of symptoms that are observed: allegation, wandering, aggressiveness, hygiene issues, sundowning, hallucination, although the symptoms show up in different sequences and levels.

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Dementia: 8 Facts and Myths About Dementia | HOD Blog
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Dementia: 8 Facts and Myths About Dementia | HOD Blog
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