Total Body Composition Analysis Using DEXA(DXA) | Body Fat Testing
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Total Body Composition Analysis Using DEXA (DXA) | Body Fat Testing

Overview About DEXA

Bone densitometry, also known as dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) uses a small amount of ionizing radiation to create images of the inside of the body, commonly in the lower spine and hip region. This is a non-invasive examination used to measure bone loss and it involves an extremely low level of radiation. Commonly it is used to diagnose bone mineral density, body fat, muscle mass.

In addition to evaluating the BMI, the DEXA scan can be used to measure the total body composition and fat content. It uses a high degree of accuracy and provides a detailed image of the body composition. The scan displays how the bodyweight breaks down into fat, bone and lean muscle. Recent studies have shown that the DEXA scan is highly accurate in determining the body composition and tracking the changes in the muscle and fat over time.


DEXA scan tells you where the fat is located in your body. This is important to determine the total amount of visceral and subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat may create metabolic disturbances and may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes. Females are at risk of breast cancer.


DEXA Scan will evaluate how much muscle mass you have in different areas of your body. It will mark out any asymmetry in one limb to another limb. The more active the muscle you have, the higher the resting metabolic rate.


Bone density reduces with age. This is very important with females as menopause will gradually reduce bone density and leads to osteoporosis. Bones with low density (brittle bones) increase bone fractures risks. Hip, spine and femur fractures are very dreadful and most risky among all. A DEXA scan will help you to measure bone density at various parts of your body.

Bone density tests are strongly recommended by doctors in the following cases:

  • Taking medications which can cause bone loss
  • Post-menopausal women and not taking oestrogen
  • Having Type 1 diabetes, liver and kidney problems or family history of osteoporosis
  • Have enhanced bone turnover, which can be seen in the form of excessive collagens in the urine sample
  • Having thyroid-related problems such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism
  • Have experienced any fracture from traumatic injuries, etc.

Note: Always consult with your physician for exact information (or before the test).


  • Health and Fitness – If you are aiming to lose weight and want to monitor muscle gain and fat loss.

  • Rehabilitation – To pay attention on lean mass through your rehabilitation program with minimal muscle loss.

  • Athlete – If you practicing to achieve a low ratio of fat to tissue mass and monitoring progress.

Why DEXA Scan?

  • It is more accurate than BMI
    This scan allows you to measure not only your body composition such as the total amount of fat, lean tissue (muscle) and bone in your body but also analyses fat- mass index (FMI) and lean- mass index (LMI). These units are more meaningful than BMI, bodyweight or fat percentage.

  • It can improve your training plan
    Improving your training plans with your DEXA reports allows you to focus on specific targets. The analysis of your work will automatically suggest the quality of muscles in your body and the fat amount which you should lose.

  • It reveals hidden fat

    Most of the time you are unable to see the most dangerous fat we have. Visceral fat is deep within the body, normally around the abdominal area and it surrounds some of the internal organs like kidney and liver. Possessing a high amount of visceral fat can be associated with the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and sometimes cancer. DEXA can be very helpful to estimate the amount of hidden fat present in the body.

Many people are unaware about a DEXA scan and the benefits it can provide to your health and wellness. While DEXA is one of the most common technology used in the testing of bone density, what people do not know about DEXA is that it is the gold standard in determining the overall composition of the body. It provides valuable information from those who are trying to lose weight to competitive sportsmen looking for adequate and balanced muscle mass throughout their bodies.

If you Want to Know What Your Body Is Made Of, Dexa Scan is What You Should Go For


Do You Want to Reduce Your Body Fat and Increase Energy?

There is a healthy body hidden inside us. DEXA scan will analyze your body fat and lean muscle percentage, where fat is deposited in your body and you will be able to move towards a specific goal.

Want to Improve Your Energy and Athletic Performance?

If you are a motivated athlete for competition or just looking forward to improvising your performance during a workout, the DEXA scan provides you the information you require to optimize your body composition and get better results. The technicians will examine your scan results and then your mentor can guide you on the ways to upgrade all the elements of your body composition to enhance fitness and strength. You will reduce the risk of injuries and can run towards a long term success.

Want to Identify Potential Health Risks?

Carrying fats in various parts of your body will increase the chances of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. DEXA accurately marks out where visceral fats are stored in your body and also provides a detailed result of how central body fat is distributed in your body. You can combine this information with your training and nutrition plan to reduce the risk of such diseases.

Know Your DEXA Results

The reports of DEXA scan for bone density is known as T- score. T- score involves the comparison of an individual’s scan with the bone density of a normal and healthy adult of the same gender.

According to WHO, following provides the definition of bone density levels:



Normal bone density

-1.0 or above


Between -1.0 to -2.5


-2.5 or below

Data Sources:

Diagnostic and Pathology Tests Available At House of Diagnostics (HOD).



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Total Body Composition Analysis Using DEXA (DXA) | Body Fat Testing
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