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October 5, 2019
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10 Gift Ideas that Say, “Happy Healthy Diwali”!

Diwali Gift Ideas

It’s that time of the year again, when we bring out the rangoli artist inside us, light up our homes with gorgeous diyas and – perhaps most importantly – draw up our gift list. Yes, gifting is central to the give and take of happiness of Diwali and the festive season. Wondering about the perfect Diwali gift? Here are some awesomely healthy Diwali gifting ideas that can help you blend happiness with goodness of health.


When you fill up your gift hamper with dry fruits and nuts, you literally load it with the greatest gift of them all: Health. Be it cashews, pitted prunes, raisins, dried apples, dates, almonds, dried apricots, walnuts, peaches, raisins, pistachios / pista, macadamias, or Brazilian nuts, you can’t go wrong with this idea. Dry fruits tend to be an excellent source of vitamins, fiber, minerals, antioxidants, and proteins, whereas nuts supply us with generous doses of fiber, protein and unsaturated fat (essential fatty acids). A super healthy Diwali gift that makes so much more sense than desserts, candies and sweets that come attached with the doctor’s frown, isn’t it?


There are few healthier bites on this planet than fruits. Laden with vitamins (Vitamin C is found abundantly in several fruits), fiber, minerals, antioxidants, and Folic Acid, they bestow a world of benefits upon individuals of all ages. People who eat fruits regularly are healthier, able to keep their weight in check, and known to be at a less risk of diseases than others. Go ahead and mix up your gift hamper with both seasonal fruits (pineapple, strawberry, apple, orange, banana, dried peach, apricot, honeydew, prune, melon) and exotic fruits which are readily available nowadays (Dragon fruit, Phalsa, Rambutan, Ambarella / Indian Hog Plum, Camachile / Kodukkapuli, Targola, Langsat, Japani-Phal / Persimmon and Mangosteen). You’ll be hard pressed to find a Diwali gift that mixes joy with health like this one.


High on aroma and full of medicinal properties, herbs don’t just transform our meals with their unique taste, they deliver the magic touch of wellness and help keep us in the pink of health as well. From boosting immunity to lowering bad cholesterol to improving brain function to enhancing digestive processes to improving the function of insulin to keeping blood pressure in check, the benefits of herbs like cilantro, basil, lemon verbena, parsley, sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary and mint are well-known. Place these dainty personalities in colourful vases, and you have an awesomely healthy Diwali gift that’s hard to match.


Diwali is a season of sweets, food and smog, especially in Delhi, NCR. Gifting a Medical Health Check-up or Package to your family or loved ones can help in prevention of any unseen diseases or ailments. Tests such as CBC, LFT, KFT, Lipid Profile or Blood Sugar Fasting are great sources of tests and panels to indicate the overall well-being. Afterall, we always want to care for our friends and family. So what better gift than a Whole Body Health Check-Up? This Diwali, let’s be healthy and safe.


Take a good look at your cuppa. If it’s tea, you’re in luck. The advantages of this flavourful fluid go well beyond providing refreshment. Antioxidants and Phyto-chemicals present in tea leaves hold serious health benefits. Be it green, black, white or oolong, trust your cup of tea to boost endurance & immunity, manage body weight, strengthen bones & teeth, stave off chances of stroke and help fight ailments like diabetes, heart disease, degenerative conditions and even cancer. Looking for a healthy Diwali gift? A tea hamper should rank high on your list.


If you really have their health in mind, surprise them pleasantly with a pair of running shoes. Running, after all, has been described as the best exercise, and can add upto 7 years to your lifespan. Just 30 minutes of jogging or light running can tone up the body, strengthen joints, firm up posture, reduce fat, keep the heart happy, fight depression and relieve stress. Turn this into a super healthy Diwali gift by ensuring it comes with the right features like breathability and shock absorbers.


With our lifestyles becoming increasingly sedentary, getting back to an active lifestyle should be priority number one for most of us today. Activity trackers help us achieve precisely that. By helping us monitor and measure vital actions like walking, jogging, climbing stairs, workouts, body weight and even sleep against our heartbeat and metabolism rate, they encourage us to get our fitness back on track. The best part? They often double up as great fashion accessories too. Can you think of a healthier Diwali gift?


It may be too late to revive the new year’s fitness resolution. Or is it? Gift a gym membership to someone special this season and make sure at least the year ends with the high of wellness. You can also choose to gift a treadmill, dumb-bells or a piece of home gym equipment. Either way, here is a Diwali gift that scores high on health.


Nothing makes us feel like a million bucks like a good session at the spa. From aromatherapy to various massages (like hot stone massage and deep tissue massage) to reflexology to body treatments (such as exfoliation and mud-bath) to detoxification to pedicure to various ayurvedic treatments and much more, a day at the spa rejuvenates jangling nerves, pampers the senses and gets us back to our best. Gift a voucher as your healthy Diwali gift and watch the face light up with a million-buck smile!


Help a loved one escape the bustle and grind of daily living with a blissful stay at a retreat. Relax their soul with meditation and yoga. Charge up their spirits with indulgences like swimming and massage. Revive their senses with aroma and melody therapy. Detox their bodies with special diets. The perfect answer, if you are searching for a healthy Diwali gift.
Step away from the ordinary, get your creative juices flowing and express your affection this festive season with a healthy Diwali gift – one that doesn’t just say ‘I love you’, but ‘I care for you’, too!

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