CBC Test (Complete Blood Count) Purpose,Normal Range & Cost
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CBC Test (Complete Blood Count) Purpose, Normal Range and Cost

Overview of CBC Test

CBC is an acronym for Complete Blood Count. A CBC Test is taken to measure and evaluate the overall health condition of one’s blood. A CBC Test will also indicate if one’s ‘blood health’ is suffering from disorders or infections such as Leukemia or Anemia. A CBC Test is a relatively simple test to take. In other words, if you are about to take a CBC Test, you needn’t follow any special dietary restrictions or undergo any special preparations. Often, your family doctor or healthcare professional will recommend a CBC Test as part of the routine check-up. The big goal of a CBC Test is to check your blood’s vitality and ‘fitness’ from a variety of angles, and will typically cover multiple components and features such as Red Blood Cell (RBC) count, White Blood Cell (WBC) count, Haemoglobin count, Platelet count and Hematocrit (the ratio of RBC to plasma) count. Except for a minor itch or bruise (which won’t remain for long), a CBC Test comes with few risks or hazards. You can get an idea about the costs of a CBT Test here.

What is the Big and Broad Health Objective of a CBC Test?

A CBC Test has a wide coverage, serving the purpose of a broad level evaluation of your blood’s health conditions and acting as a foundation for a variety of advanced diagnosis. It is important to note that a CBC Test is not a definitive diagnostic Test, and depending on the specific condition or reason (for which it was recommended), it may be necessary to conduct other Tests as well.

Here are some of the broad reasons why a CBC Test is done:

• General Health Review.

A CBC Test may be advised by a healthcare professional as a step to monitor general health parameters and achieve a broad level understanding of the ‘fitness’ levels of one’s blood.

• Diagnosis for a Medical Condition.

If one is suffering from ailments such as fever, inflammation, fatigue or certain other medical conditions, a CBC Test may be taken to aid diagnosis and figure out the cause or source of the malady.

• To monitor an ongoing treatment.

If one is already undergoing treatment for a medical condition that affects Blood Cell Count in any way, the doctor or professional assigned on the case may use the CBC Test as a tool to evaluate progress.

What Does a CBC Test Check or Evaluate?

A CBC Test is designed as a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the general condition of one’s blood, and therefore touches all the vital factors and parameters that affect blood health. Some of the main factors that a CBC Test evaluates are:

RBC (Red Blood Cell) Count

This measures the total number of (RBC’s) Red Blood Cells in the blood. RBC’s are vital to our survival since they carry oxygen (as well as carbon di-oxide) throughout the body. A deficiency (low count) of RBC may be indicative of anemia or other medical conditions. A high RBC count (or high levels of haemoglobin) could point to an underlying condition like heart disease or polycythemia vera.

RBC Normal Range
MEN 4.5 million to 5.5 million (cells/mcL)
WOMEN 3.8 million to 4.8 million (cells/mcL)

WBC (White Blood Cell) Count

White Blood Cells are our defence against diseases. They directly influence our immunity and help the body fight infections. There are 5 different types of WBC in a human body. A high WBC count is indicative of an inflammation or infection somewhere in the body, while a low WBC count can mean that the person is vulnerable to certain ailments which could include blood marrow disorder, auto-immune disorder or even cancer.

WBC Normal Range
4,000 to 10,000 cells/mcL


Haemoglobin refers to a kind of protein that is found in our Red Blood Cells. It imparts to the blood its characteristic red colour. Haemoglobin plays a very important role in our body, since its primary responsibility is to carry oxygen to all parts of our body.

MEN 13-17 gm/dl
WOMEN 12-15 grams/dl


This is a value that tells us the ratio or percentage (of our blood) that is made up of Red Blood Cells (RBC’s).

HCT Normal Range
FOR MEN 40% to 50%.
FOR WOMEN 36% to 46%.


Platelets play a critical role in blood clotting, and this count helps professionals get an estimate of the Platelet levels in the blood.

PLATELET Normal Range
150,000 to 410,000 platelets/mcL


MCV refers to the average dimension or size of the Red Blood Cells in our body. A higher (than normal) MCV count indicates oversized RBC cells which can occur due to a drop in levels of Folate or Vitamin B12. A smaller-than-normal size could mean that one has anemia (Iron deficiency)
MCV normal range
83 to 101 fl.

What Can Cause an Abnormal or Anomalous CBC Test?

Your CBC Test could fluctuate and display values that are not ‘normal’ or ‘consistent’ with your current blood health. This happen only during certain specific conditions such as :

  • Deficiency of iron or other minerals and vitamins.
  • Certain inflammations or infections.
  • Disorders and vulnerabilities in the body’s defence or ‘Autoimmune’ system.
  • Ailments and diseases of the heart.
  • Bleeding disorders.
  • Conditions of the bone marrow.
  • Reaction of the body to ongoing medication.
  • Cancer.

How Much Can a CBC Test Cost?

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CBC Test: Complete Blood Count Purpose, Normal Range and Cost
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CBC Test: Complete Blood Count Purpose, Normal Range and Cost
CBC test (Complete Blood Count) is a test that measures the cells that make up your blood: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and more. Read more about CBC test normal range, cost and purpose. It detects a wide range of disorders, including anemia, infection and leukemia.
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