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Brush up on Hepatitis – Symptoms of Hepatitis, Causes, Treatments and Prevention.


It’s important to spare a thought for our liver, without which the body cannot perform some of its most important functions. In particular, stay protected from Hepatitis, which is essentially an inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis comes in a variety of forms and can happen due to multiple causes, but the symptoms can be similar. In some cases, the symptoms may be hard to detect, raising the suffering (and danger of fatal consequences) up by several notches.

There are 5 main hepatitis viruses in the world – A, B, C, D and E. These cause the maximum damage in terms of illness and death globally, and additionally, carry the potential of triggering epidemics and outbreaks. Hepatitis A, B and C, in particular, are responsible for causing chronic disease in millions, and are the common reason behind the incidence of liver cirrhosis and cancer.

What are the main functions of the liver?

The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body. It is responsible for maintaining and regulating the level of important chemicals in our bloodstream. Perhaps most importantly, the liver produces Bile, which breaks down fat in our bodies, and thus makes them ready for digestion and absorption. Here are some of the primary functions of the liver are:

  • Producing certain types of proteins for our blood plasma.
  • Creation of special kinds of protein (including cholesterol) that help transport fat cells across the body.
  • The vital function of storing and releasing glucose – as per the body’s needs.
  • The liver is also responsible for processing Haemoglobin (and storing iron).
  • Converting ammonia (which is harmful to the body) into urea, which can then be passed out via urine.
  • Detoxing’ the blood of harmful drugs and chemicals.
  • Regulation of blood clotting.
  • Defending the body against infections via the production of immune factors and by erasing bacteria from the bloodstream.

What Causes Hepatitis?

There are several ways in which an individual can contact Hepatitis. Some of the ways one can be afflicted by this ailment are:

  • Viral infections.
  • Auto-immune diseases.
  • Via side effect of medication, drugs, toxin & alcohol.
  • Hepatitis A and E are typically brought on via contaminated water and food.
  • Hepatitis B, C and D normally occur due to parenteral contact with infected body fluids.
  • In the case of Hepatitis B, the ‘flow’ can take place from mother to baby during birth, from a member of the family to a child in the family and even via sexual contact.
  • Transmission via contaminated blood or blood products – for example when one makes a tattoo, is pricked by a sharp object, shares a needle, razor or toothbrush with someone (who is infected with Hepatitis), and similar instances.
  • Invasive medical procedures that use contaminated equipment.

What are the Symptoms of Hepatitis?

Hepatitis can manifest itself in a variety of avatars, and can be the outcome of more than one cause. The common symptoms of Hepatitis are:

  • Flu like sensations.
  • Mild Fever.
  • Muscle & joint ache.
  • Fatigue & tiredness.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Yellow-ness in the eyes, tongue & skin (this may indicate jaundice).
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Weight loss.
  • Hives.
  • Itchy skin.

That’s not all. Hepatitis can also lead to further complications such as:
  • Bleeding disorders.
  • Fibrosis (scarring).
  • Cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Cancer of the liver.
  • Kidney failure.

How do we treat Hepatitis?

The best way is to treat Hepatitis is to do a timely diagnosis. This can be done via a variety of Tests which are recommended by the attending professional. These TESTS are:

How does one stay protected against Hepatitis?

There are several safeguards that we can – and should – take to guard ourselves from Hepatitis. Stay protected by always carrying your own ‘safe’ drinking water, avoiding food like raw fruits & vegetables, staying away from undercooked seafood & alcohol, and making sure not to use someone else’s toothbrush, razors and needles.

The monsoons – when ‘unsafe drinking water’ is everywhere and raw food is infected with germs – is the time to stay aware and alert to the dangers of Hepatitis. It’s best to book a TEST for yourself or your family today.

Screening Tests For Hepatitis 

STAY SAFE, BE SURE: House of Diagnostics offers a suite of affordable, accurate and quick tests for detecting early signs and symptoms of Hepatitis – as well as its various possible treatments. You can book a Consultation and Test for yourself – or someone else who needs help – in just a few clicks here.

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Hepatitis: Causes, Treatments,Prevention & Symptoms of Hepatitis A,B,C
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Hepatitis: Causes, Treatments,Prevention & Symptoms of Hepatitis A,B,C
Hepatitis refers to an inflammatory condition of your liver. Read about symptoms of hepatitis, causes, treatments, methods of prevention and types of hepatitis are hepatitis A, hepatitis B or hepatitis C, D, E.
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