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Summer Health Tips: How to Beat The Heat and Stay Cool

Summer season is known not only for its bright mornings but also sweat, laziness, dullness and a specific attachment to water. Health problems are common in the summer months. To take precautions, it is necessary to maintain agility, take special care of yourself and acquire to a change in routine.

Certain people and jobs require more engagement in the scorching heat such as construction workers, road labor or farmers. They may be more prone to heat stroke and outbreak.

Here are some special summer health tips to feel the coolness and beat the heat.

15 Important Summer Health Tips That Will Give You Relief From Heat Problems.

1. Dress Light:

No matter what you’re doing in the summer, you’ll be happier when you wear clothes that will help you stay cool. Try to wear light colors and breathable fabrics. Certain suggestions are cotton and linen. They are helpful in beating the heat.

2. Drink More Water:

A human body is made of 60% water. In summer, excessive sweat can reduce the water level in the body. Always try to consume 7-10 liters of water daily to maintain the water level in the body and keep yourself hydrated.

3. Meditate:

The mind also requires time for refreshments. Take time every day for meditation and help your body relax. A few minutes of deep breathing and relaxation will help you to stay on top of your heat game.

4. Cold Compression Therapy:

A cool damp towel can help in giving you relief from the heat. You can wrap the towel around your head or body. Cucumber is also a great cold compression therapy. Rub cucumber around your face and eyes in order to cool your skin.

5. Avoid Direct Sunlight:

The summer temperature is lower in the morning and extremely high after mid-day. Try to avoid maximum outdoor exposure during this hour and not stay in contact with the sun directly for more than half an hour. If you are outdoors for a longer time, wear suitable clothes and use a high SPF sunscreen.

8. Drink More liquid:

A regular intake of water is necessary for our everyday lives and even more important in the summer. However, it isn’t your only option in this weather. You can consume fruit or vegetable juice and energy drinks to stay hydrated.

9. Avoid Eating Spicy And Hot Foods:

When you consume spicy or hot food items, the sweat response is triggered from thermoreceptors in and around the stomach that produce the additional heat. It can increase your deep-body temperature between 0.3-0.6°C. Spicy food also takes more time to digest causing, acidity, gas and etc.

10. Use Goggles, Sunscreen Cream or Wear a Hat:

When outdoors, always wear sunscreen with a high SPF on face and body. Try to also use eye goggles to protect your eyes and wear a hat. These precautions help in avoiding sunburns, tanning, and other side effects.

12. Use of Powder

Powder always helps during the summer season. It has a pleasant fragrance and acts as an antiseptic. Certain powders also protect the skin from rashes and itching. They usually absorb sweat and oil, helping in keeping the skin fresh and cool.

13. Get Short Hair Cut:

Summer is a great time to have a change in your look. Getting a short haircut may help in keeping girls cooler than usual. The hair sticks to the back of the neck and becomes uncomfortable. Shorter hair may help in avoiding the sweat viscosity plus a cool summer look.

14. Servicing of Cooler, Fan or AC:

If you have an AC or fan in your house, before summer they are probably switched off for 7-8 months. Hence, after such a long time make sure to get servicing before using coolers. It may help you save electricity too.

15. Close Windows during the Day and Open at Night:

The light radiated by our sun carries energy, part of which gets absorbed and transformed into heat when it reaches a surface. That is why the air is warmer during the day and cools down at night. Hence, closing your windows during the day will let your house stay cool and open them at night.


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