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June 10, 2019
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Why Senior Citizens Require More Care | Needs And Problems Of The Elderly

We and Our Senior Citizens:

Respect is a feeling of appreciation towards an individual, a specific action, community, group or and behavior. It is significant in our society that we give respect to our senior citizens in order to gain respect from them. Mainly our younger generations need to remember that seniors citizens are the ones who built a good and powerful society they are now inheriting. Aging is a stage where life has given humans many experiences of pleasure and anguish. Uncertainty becomes more prominent and hence the elderly need more care and comfort to lead a healthy lifestyle, away from stress and anxiety. There are ways to combat such instances. Elderly are the most important part of our family and society so younger generations must learn the importance of respecting their elders and make time to listen and spend quality with them.

Needs And Problems Of The Elderly (Senior Citizens)

Emotional Needs Of Elderly

Mental disorders are very much associated with senior citizens. They are susceptible to psychotic stress or depressions due to a lack of many things. Therefore, they require more emotional care to deal with such problems. Many seniors citizens get lonely due to retirement, physical restriction or the loss of their better half and friends. Hence they require a need for emotional attachment for happiness. It is important to not only spend time with them but also learn from them. Giving emotional care to them can help them deal with stress, boredom, vulnerability, isolation, depression, and loneliness.

Physical Needs

Encouraging them to volunteer or take part in any activity will enhance their morale. In many cases, the elderly are not physically capable of volunteering. In such situations, provide them with care, suggestions, entertainment, etc. Motivate them. Make them realize that their life is still relevant and useful.

Social Needs

Older people suffer social loss significantly with age because of problem associated with physical, psychological or financial problems. They sometimes are unable to interact with their relatives and friends. It is important to make them feel safe and for them to remain close to other individuals. Social aspects will help in diverting their mind and give them an opportunity to learn new things from others.

Needs of Senior Citizens in Community

Our senior citizens are like a banyan tree. Just as the banyan tree spreads its branches to give us shade, happiness, and peace, so our elders also spread their love, care and protection around us and we felt safe in their love shadow. Are. Our grandfather includes our grandparent, grandmother, parents, and their friends.
They spend their entire lives in our care. In our care and upbringing, they sacrifice their happiness and their desires. They protect us in every situation. We hold them by hand and walk. They hear educative stories at night. Our elders give us knowledge of good moral values and help us to become a good, successful human being.

How We Can Care to Our Elders.

The younger generations must learn the importance of respecting their elderly. They should care and spending quality time with them.

(1) Respect

Be polite with the elderly. When showing such gestures, it demonstrates respect towards them. Respect and manners can provide great happiness to senior citizens as they believe that you regard and recognize them. Learn from their stories and life experiences. Senior citizens have a lifetime of experience. Listen to them and share your concerns with them – they might be able to help in a surprising way.

(2) Time

If possible, take them on a short trip. At times, the seniors cannot afford to do things with age and it is time for us to give them back. Doing something for them will not only give them joy but also respect and love back for you.

(3) Regular Health Check-Up

The proper arrangement of regular medical checkups and regular medicines is mandatory. We need to keep a check on their health, diet, and lifestyle. There are many senior citizens care packages available with a complete health check-up. They are designed specifically to detect problems associated with senior citizens.

(4) Adult items

Adult equipment such as diapers etc. are not an image of shame. Don’t hesitate to talk about it with them and explain the benefits to the senior citizens.

(6) Activities

Work on something which both of you are interested in. Try to find a comment activity or work that can engage you and the elderly.

(7) Love giving love

There is nothing better than affection and love for the elderly. Be keen on helping the ones who have loved us always.


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