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Increasing Blood Test Accuracy by Dry Chemistry Technology

Dry Chemistry Technology vs Wet Chemistry Technology

Dry Chemistry is a technology for biochemistry which minimalizes the use of water, hence eliminating water as a source of error. 

Traditionally, as the case with most other labs, pathology technology was and is centered around Wet Chemistry. In principle wet chemistry, analyzers drop the sample on generally what is a glass surface, then they pipette the reagent, which causes a reaction and a change in colour is produced. Water then comes in cleans the glass surface, and makes way for the next reaction. In theory, if there is even the slightest bit of contamination in the water itself, it could cause an issue in the reaction. Furthermore, if the water fails to clean the surface due to some reason like water pressure, the value of on sample may even “carry over” to the next sample.

Dry Chemistry technology by Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics mitigates this possibility of error as instead of using a liquid reagent, the reagents for the reaction are a disposable micro slide which are hence free from these sources of error.

However, this accuracy comes at a substantial cost, literally. 

Unlike wet chemistry, where reagents are packed in bulk in mL, Microslides are countable and very expensive as compared to wet chemistry reagents.

According to the OEM – Ortho Clinical Diagnostics.

Dry Chemistry technology is the most advanced technology from the USA on fully automated biochemistry platform giving the quick, reliable, accurate and consistent patient result. Clinicians rely on it to treat for better patient outcome. Dry Chemistry technology does not require external interventions like usage of water, washing, etc that eliminates the sources of error. Its single disposable slide for every test with unique multi-layered Dry Slide Technology produce better precision & accuracy. Dry Chemistry technology is also internationally acclaimed for saving water and we save more than 3.5 Lacs liters of water every year.

How does HOD manage the cost of dry chemistry technology yet offer such competitive pricing?

As an innovator of business practices in the industry HOD works on multiple fronts to enable.

  • No Franchisees:
  • Unlike most other labs, where there are franchisees involved, HOD retains its margins to itself and hence is able to offer these middleman costs as better prices.
  • Sharing Costs over Multiple Modalities:
  • You see most blood test labs are well, blood test labs; while most radiology centers are radiology centers. This is where HOD steps in, by combining Radiology and Pathology, we are able to better divide our overheads, among our divisions to offer better pricing.

  • Most Importantly, Your Blessings
  • Having a sticky clientele such as you, who keep privileging us with your blessings, we are able to focus on getting the best in class practices to you and trying to do our part in improving your health. 

What Tests Are Offered in Dry Chemistry Technology?

Many of our most common tests such as those included in

Liver Function Tests, Lipid Profile, Blood Glucose Fasting are offered by Dry Chemistry technology as of 14-Apr-2019.


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