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Introducing Latest 1.5 Tesla MRI Machine in Faridabad at HOD

The GE Signa Explorer is our latest addition in Faridabad.

Technology from the USA, installed in the heart of Faridabad

Designed and Produced by General Electric (HQ: NY, USA), the new 1.5 Tesla MRI machine outstands in the Faridabad diagnostic industry space for it’s exceptional imaging quality.

New Technology allows New Applications

The following are some of the applications which latest 1.5 Tesla MRI machine feels comfortable in performing.

    • Brain and Spine Applications:
      • Routine Studies such as MRI Brain, Cervical Spine, Dorsal Spine, Lumbosacral Spine or Whole Spine Screening
      • MRI Angiography
      • CE MRI Brain with Spectroscopy
      • Epilepsy Protocol
      • MRI Pituitary (CEMR Sella with Contrast)
    • Orthopaedic Applications:
      • Routine Studies such as MRI for Knee, Shoulder, Ankle, Foot, Wrist and Musculoskeletal Studies
      • MRI MAVRIC Sequence for reducing metal artifact in near implant areas
      • MRI Cartigram studies
    • Abdomen Applications:
      • MRI Whole Abdomen with Contrast
      • MRI MRCP, MRI Upper Abdomen with MRCP with Contrast
      • MRI Triple Phase Upper Abdomen with Contrast
      • MRI Multiparametric Imaging for Prostate (MP MRI with Contrast)
      • MRI Renal Angiography (Non-Contrast)
    • Breast Applications:
      • MRI Mammography (MRI Breast with Dynamic Contrast)

The Latest 1.5 Tesla MRI Machine Benefits

The latest 1.5 Tesla MRI machine provides several benefits which render it superior to it’s older cousins.

      • Silent MRI
      • The MRI offers a significant reduction in sound, which yields more patient comfort.
      • More Coil Elements
      • Having more receiving channels and Dedicated Coils means better imaging quality than older technology.
      • Better Ambience
      • The bore is lit from the inside, allowing better patient comfort in scan.

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